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Adopt the Extra Mile Philosophy!

Posted on by Lou Radja

It was Roger Saubach who once said “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile”. The good news is that just about all the things we desire for our lives (good health, wealth, great relationships, peace, promotions, love…) are waiting for us on that extra mile. The bad news is, yes you guessed it, most of us have not or refuse to adopt the “extra mile” way of life. We find it too hard, we don’t want to pay the price or worse, we don’t believe in the rewards awaiting us on the other side. Adopting the “extra mile” philosophy is about going above and beyond in all areas of our lives. Success is what you do after you do what’s expected of you! So let’s challenge one another this week to give more than 100% in everything we … Continue reading

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