Lou Radja — Speaker. Author. Coach.
Lou Radja

Lou Radja — Speaker. Author. Coach.

Lou Radja’s mission is to uplift, educate, and inspire his audience to live up to their greatness. Lou has motivated and challenged audiences worldwide to shake off disempowering beliefs and live up to their full human potential.

Lou Radja uplifts, educates, and inspires every audience to live a life of success and significance

Transformational Keynote Talks and Training Seminars

Custom-tailored content for corporations, colleges, business groups and associations in three important focus areas:

  • Change Management — Principles and practices for thriving in challenging times and managing uncertainty
  • Leadership Development — Learn and implement The 6 Leadership Keys that will change your life at work and beyond
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training — Build more collaborative teams that look out for each other and are united by their differences

Distinguished clients include

Lou is a dynamic speaker – his captivating presence adds to his positive message. The audience at our conference was riveted on Lou as he delivered his presentation. His ideas are motivating and inspirational.
— Larry Middleman, President & CEO CU Business Group

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