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Lou Radja provides inspiring and empowering keynote addresses for a variety of events. He also leads single or multi-day workshops at corporate retreats and seminars.

Trade in Your Job for Your Dream — The Cure Against the Rat Race

Trade in Your Job for Your Dream

The Cure Against the Rat Race

Research shows that most of us spend over half our lives in our workplaces and surveys after surveys tell us that over 80% of Americans do not like their jobs! As a society, we’ve been trained and conditioned to accept the golden handcuffs and jump with both feet in the 9 to 5 rat race. This does not have to be YOUR reality! In Trade in your job for your dream, Lou shares with you his own story his past life in the rat race, his life-changing decision to follow his dream instead and the life he now enjoys as a result.

Lou will help you discover:

  • What You Really Want
  • How to Make a Living at What You are Doing
  • How to Safely Transition from Your Job to Your Dream
  • How to Create Abundance Doing What You Love
  • How to Turn Your Vocation into a Vacation
  • How to Develop the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Stop making a living and start designing your life! With Lou’s simple and practical tips you will learn to shake off disempowering beliefs and take control of your life now.

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