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United by Differences — Diversity starts with me

United by Differences

Diversity starts with me

In today’s smaller, flatter and multicultural world, it is imperative for our students to fully grasp and understand diversity. Colleges, universities and even high schools all over the world recognize the value of preparing 21st century global citizens for the both the challenges and more importantly, the opportunities that come with our diverse and interconnected global village. The Real World that awaits these students will favor those who can lead in a diverse world, those who are culturally competent, and finally those who will capitalize on the opportunities diversity brings.

In order for our students to embrace and value the diversity our world has to offer, they must first embrace and value it in themselves. Diversity starts with me! Because inclusion is a critical component in understanding diversity, students must see themselves and the role they play in our diverse world. United by Differences is a comprehensive, fun, and transformational presentation that will help students truly become culturally competent global citizens! Because learning is a two way street, Lou Radja conducts the presentation in an interactive style to engage the students. United by Differences is presented in a safe environment in order to encourage open dialogue and discussion on cultural and interpersonal differences without being judged.

This presentation is great for:

  • Staff and Management Retreats
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Keynote Presentations
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